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《馬詩二十三首》李賀 (790~816)

馬詩二十三首․四horse 3

此馬非凡馬    房星本是星

向前敲瘦骨    猶自帶銅聲


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李賀 (790-816)__金銅仙人辭漢歌

李賀 (790-816)_金銅仙人辭漢歌

魏明帝青龍元年八月 詔宮官牽車西取漢孝武捧露盤仙人   欲立置前殿。宮官既拆盤 仙人臨載乃潸然淚下。唐諸王孫李長吉遂作金銅仙人辭漢歌。]

茂陵劉郎秋風客 夜聞馬嘶曉無跡
畫欄桂樹懸秋香 三十六宮土花碧
魏官牽車指千里 東關酸風射眸子

空將漢月出宮門 憶君清淚如鉛水
衰蘭送客咸陽道 天若有情天亦老
攜盤獨出月荒涼 渭城已遠波聲小

Li He (790-816)
From the Han Palace the Bronze Statue Depart  江紹倫譯

The Emperor gone like an autumn breeze
His steed neighed at night by dawn no trace
In the painting laurel trees stood mute besides guarding rails
Invading moss grew covering grounds of his thirty-six palaces
The palace attendants prepared a carriage to cover a thousand li
At the Eastern Passacid wind twirled to deter him from advancing

Only the moon of yesterday saw him leave the palace door
Overcame by sadness tears rolled like running mercury
Only withering orchids said adieu to bid him farewell
If there was heavenly love it would grow old as well
For a companion a desolate moon remained on a silver plate not abate
The capital was far behind as his gallop roars faded

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