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蒋 捷 (?1274)__一剪梅__舟过吴江

蒋 捷 (?1274)


一片春愁待酒浇   江上舟摇   楼上帘招   秋娘渡与泰娘桥   风又飘飘   雨又萧萧
何日归家洗客袍   银字笙调   心字香烧   流光容易把人抛   红了樱桃   绿了芭蕉


Jiang Jie (fr. 1274) 江紹倫譯

Tune: A Twig of Mume Blossoms
Sailing through River Wu 

Boundless sorrows await relief drown in vernal wine
Down river currents my skiff cruises fine
Tavern banners on banks eagerly wave and wind
Advancing Autumn Passdown the QinBridge
Winds bellow
Rains chatter

Whence I’m home to rid off my wandering itch
With a silver flute I play
With an incense burner I cogitate
Time rush renders life in haste
Red cherries glean
Green bananas beam

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