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留別妻 (漢) 蘇武

結髮為夫妻  恩愛兩不疑
歡娛在今夕  燕婉及良時
征夫懷往路  起視應何其
參長皆已沒  去去從此辭
行役在戰場  相見未有期
握手一長嘆  淚為生別滋
努力愛春華  莫忘歡樂時
生當復來歸  死當長相思

Adieu Dear Wife                    Su Wu ( Han Dynasty) 江紹倫譯

We vowed to be husband and wife for life
Our loving relationship is true without guess
Let’s love one another even more tonight
Let’s make the best use of time for ecstasy

To embark on the far off journey I have no fancy
I get up from bed to check the hour of night frequently
Stars in the dark night are giving way for dawn to be
And I must leave home now and part with thee

From this moment on my life will be in battle ground
We must believe firmly our reunion will come around
Holding your hand I could but sigh and again sigh
Letting go I pledge to keep our love in mind

Let’s do our best to keep alive our love for spring
Let’s remember the happy times our togetherness brings
Whence alive and sound I’ll be with you certainly
Even in death our soul be one eternally

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