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《Hiking in Hong Kong》__ Adrian Leung (65)

In general, we will take a hike once weekly, normally on Saturday
The hiking group includes —-
John Shek, Leslie Chang, Adrian Leung ( regular hikers )
Regis Lo, Francis Leung, Rod Fu of 63 ( occasional )
KC Lee, Bonbon Ho, Tony Fong ( from Overseas )

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《曼谷按摩》__ 陳柏齡 (71)







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Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan Rose Ho

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《Sky Lantern __ Entrance of Simonne Aletheia》__ Rose Ho

Today, let’s go fly Sky Lanterns … in Taiwan.

That process was thrilling and exciting.  So was the drama of yesterday.

My daughter gave birth to her second child yesterday morning….in the foyer of the hospital right by the lift before we could go to the delivery floor.   “Call Code Blue!”  “Call Code Pink!”  “Baby’s head is coming out.” “Can someone get the body out too?”  “Stay clear please”  “Stay clear”  “Blanket please”   “Blanket”…..  …….. ……. A big commotion at the hospital lobby. Continue reading

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《2015 KIA Mission – Cambodia》 Vincent Lee (65)

A 14-day Dental Mission in Cambodia includes work sites in orphanages, some run by NGO (Non-governmental Organizations), government correctional centre and a co-ed Buddhist monastery and a full-day visit to Angkor Wat.

Click individual picture for caption.

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《Edutain and train》__ Rose Ho

“Your mother is hilarious”, my daughter’s colleague told her over the phone about me.

Yes indeed, I had to be funny especially when travelling around with a person of a different generation, race, culture, upbringing and with a different value system and life experience.

For the past two weeks, I had to entertain, educate and train a person twenty-seven years of my junior on a tour of HK, Taiwan and Shenzhen.

…and….I wrapped the trip up successfully at the end of the 13th day.

“Mrs. Ho, Please bring me to Japan next time.  I will go travelling with you.”  !!

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My Diamond Princess Cruises

my diamond princess cruisesWhat a Surprise …

of seeing of Dominic Chan (64) and Cecilia on board the Diamond Princess when our former CUVO (香港儲蓄互助社協會志願助理團) gang took the 22-days cruise from Vancouver to Tianjin (天津); and then, flew to Chengdu (成都) for the 14-days Sichuan (四川) tour.

On board the Diamond Princess, we visited cities of Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway; cruised the Glacier Bay and College Fjord; celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival; and terminated the first segment of the cruise in Whittier. Continue reading

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HK Trail Black Rain Day 2013-05-22

It’s a Black Rain Day in HK this morning. I went up to the HK trail. It’s quiet but lovely. Enjoy these rare sights after a rain storm and during heavy downpour. Enjoy this trip!

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Wong Tai Sin Temple and vicinity

Candidly, I’ve never been to Wong Tai Sin Temple all my life.  But I went…yesterday….for the first time…and to its vicinity too.

Please enjoy the crowds there in the temple on the third day of the lunar year…and the less known Fung Tak Park and the more renowned Nan Lian Garden.

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The Art of Peace of Mind__ Kong Shiu Loon

I used to travel extensively in Japan, to discover and to cleanse my soul, two decades ago when my son was there. The photos received bring back many fond and soothing memories. I wish to share them with all Wayanites, together with my thoughts and feelings.

What you see, slowly and deeply, is the art of achieving a peace of mind by finding the past from the present, and by appreciating the beauties and rhythms of nature as they present themselves. You should keep in mind that you are a part of nature, not outside it, nor trying to use it, and never to control or change it.

Just go through the photos with a minimum regard for the comments. Discover how serene everything is, be it a street, a building, food in a dish, berries and pine cone on snow, the characters in the signboards, the blue sky and green hills, the cherry blossoms, the furniture and the rooms, the food containers, the mood, the absolute cleanliness…..

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