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木蘭花 張先 (990-1078)

Tune: Magnolia       Zhang Xian (990-1078)  江紹倫譯

Dragon Boat glade men of Wu compete to gain speed
On swings fair maidens move gayly to and fro
Women picking vegetables delightfully forget to leave the  mead
Treading on green fields folks freely come and go

With clouds gone the distant hills appear in pale hue
With flutes mute silence returns to the garden pool
Bathed in crystal moonlight the middle court is still
Catkins dance in great numbers leaving not a shadow in view

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天仙子 張先 (990-1078)

Tune: Songs of Immortals     Zhang  Xian (990-1078)   江紹倫譯

Cup in hand I listen to parts of the Water Song
Waking from mid-day intemporance sorrows keep me tipsy on
Whence will spring return now it is sent away
Watching the mirrow at dusk
I’m alarmed how time had passed
To recall bygone events is but in vain

On the poolside sands a pair of love birds perch happily
Freed from clouds the moon induces flowers to play with dancing shadows

Indoor lights are veiled by multiple layers of screens
No steady wind
The night feels serene
Tomorrow fallen red petals in paths will be seen

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