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《飲茶歌誚崔石使君》《飲茶歌送鄭容》皎然(730-799) 江紹倫英譯

TeaDrinking《飲茶歌誚崔石使君》皎然《Tea Drinking Song for Master Cui》Jiao Ran 

越人遺我剡溪茗  My southern friend sent me a gift of Shan Qi tea
採得金芽爨金鼎  In my kettle I boil the golden tender leaves
素瓷雪色縹沫香  The snowy white bubbles emit a fragrance so sweet
何似諸仙瓊蕊漿  It competes with the flower nectar the immortals eat
一飲滌昏寐     A first sip clears the late day drowsy head
情思爽朗滿天地  The mind happy wandering in cosmic spreads
再飲清我神     A second sip purifies the soul Continue reading

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尋陸嗚漸不遇 (730-799) 僧皎然


Visiting Master Lu Failing to See Him Home          (Tang dynasty) Jiao Ran        江紹倫譯

I visit your dwelling in solitude away from town
Through mulberries the wild path leads me down
Your fence displays new chrysanthemums waiting to grow
They are not yet in bloom although autumn will follow
I knock at your door the dog is quiet wagging its tail
West of your cabin I ask neighbours about your trail
They say you go deep into the mountain everyday
On your return you bring the retiring sun in dim ray

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