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Tang Poems__荊叔, 柳中庸, 李益

Jing Shu_1On the Ci En Pagoda__Jing Shu   荊叔

To whom the hills and rills of the Han Dynasty now own

Great Emperor Chin’s tomb is deep with wild grass overgrown

Girding the central plateau plain a thousand li of mountains loom

Every inch of this terrain stands witness to human sorrow and moan

A Soldier’s Complaint__Lu Zhong Yong   柳中庸Lu Zhong Yong_1

I fought at GoldRiver and JadePass year after year

Each day I held my sword on my steed I fiercely reined

Three springs in a roll soldiers’ tombs are covered by snow

Mother River girds the Black Mount for miles its water yellow

Pipe Music at Surrender Town__Li Yi   李益Li Yi_1

Sands on the foot of Mount Hui Le is white as snow

Above the Surrender Town the frosty moon hangs high

A pipe song lingers from where’re no one knows

Warriors lie homesick awake throughout the night

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征人怨 (唐)柳中庸


Soldier’s Lament                    (Tang) Liu Zhong Yong                     江紹倫譯

Year after year I tour between the Gold River and the Jade Pass
Day in day out my long knife in hand I urge my steed fast
After three years of snow many comrades end up in graves with overgrown grass
The Yellow River flows ten thousand li girding the Black Mountain a huge land mass

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