Category: Poems by – 李紳 (772-846)

憫農二首 (唐) 李紳(772—846)

春種一粒粟  秋收萬顆子
四海無閒田  農夫猶餓死
鋤禾日當午  汗滴禾下土
誰知盤中餐  粒粒皆辛苦
Feeling for Farmers (I)     Li Shen (780-846)  江紹倫譯
A single seed planted in spring
In autumn ten thousand yields harvest bring
Where not a field is left untilled
Why farmers die of hunger still
Feeling for Farmers (II)
At noon they hoe preparing fields for planting
Their sweat drip on the rice shoots washing
Who would remember the rice in our bowls
Every grain comes from hard toils untold
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