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《雲陽館與韓紳宿別》– 司空曙 (720 – 790) __江紹倫英譯

Bidding Han Shen Adieu at Yun Yang Inn Sikong Shu 

故人江海別  We had said adieu many times on land and at sea
幾度隔山川  Separated by hills and rills our friendship firm and free
乍見翻疑夢  Meeting again we wonder if it is only in dreams
相悲各問年  Recounting our ages we console one another and beam
孤燈寒照雨  A dim lamp shines weak in the coolness of rain
濕竹暗浮煙  Deep in the bamboo grove heavy mist rises again
更有明朝恨  For the impending sorrow of parting again tomorrow
離杯惜共傳  Let us empty our cups going thorough

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《喜外弟盧綸見宿》– 司空曙 (720 – 790) __ 江紹倫英譯

Enjoy Passing a Night with Cousin Lu LunSikong Shu 

靜夜四無鄰  The night silent with no neighbour in sight
荒居舊業貧  An old desolate house in the wild
雨中黃葉樹  In the rain all trees have yellow leaves
燈下白頭人  Beside a lamp we compare our grey hairs and heave
以我獨沉久  You say your life has been on the downside for a long time
愧君相見頻  How delightful are my frequent visits you reminded
平生自有分  We are brought together by destiny
況是蔡家親  Closely related we share each other’s good company

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江村即事 司空曙 (720-790)


Village by Riverside    Sikong Shu (720-790)   江紹倫譯

Back from fishing I moor not my boat
‘Tis good time to sleep a low moon my hood
Even if the wind o’ernight blows my craft astray
It’ll be amid the reeds in the shallow waterways

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