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短歌行 (魏晋) 曹丕 (186-226)


短歌行       (魏晋) 曹丕 (186-226)


A Short Song      Cao Pi (186-226)                    江紹倫譯

(To My Father)

I raise my eyes to see the screens
I lower my eyes his table is so clean
Everything is intact as before
Alas the master is here no more
All in a sudden his soul has flown
I am fatherless all alone
Who will I look up to lead me grow
I weep my tears incessantly flow
Deers bleat hither and yonder
They nurse the young they care
Birds fly here and there
They protect their young in the nest
I alone am desolate and in despair
Severed from a father I so revere
Deep in my heart my grief overflowed
A hurt no one but I can know
Behold the effects of change had been told
That sorrow makes us old
Behold how my hair is greying in haste
Is it not early for a man of my age
Loudly I wail and bleakly I sigh
To my father’s sudden decease I inquire
They say longevity favours those who are kind
Why should my father die

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