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《八聲甘州 記玉關踏雪事清遊》 張炎 (1248~1320)

《Tune: Eight Beats of Ganzhou  I remember our trip through snowy Jade Gate
Zhang Yan (1248~1320)  江紹倫譯

記玉關  踏雪事清游  I remember our trip through snowy Jade Gate
寒氣脆貂裘  Our sable coats stiff in the cold
傍枯林古道  Woods were bare on the ancient road
長河飲馬  We drank our horses in every running stream
此意悠悠  Every detail is vivid in my dreams

短夢依然江表  Fleeting dreams alive are fond to narrate
老淚洒西州  How we shed tears for departed comrades out west
一字無題處  Nowhere to put words down to attest
落葉都愁  Even fallen leaves joined in to mourn

載取白雲歸去  You went home carried by a white cloud
問誰留楚佩  Forgetting to whom your pendants should be left proud
弄影中洲  Pride is but shadow in mid country
折蘆花贈遠 向尋常野橋流水A  lone I break reeds to send away on under bridge flows
待招來 不是舊沙鷗  But the gulls that appear are not those we used to know

空懷感  In vain I sigh
有斜陽處  Where the sun sets
却怕登樓  A high tower I dare not ascend

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清平樂 (宋)張炎(1248-1320)



Tune: Pure Serene Music          Zhang Yan (1248-1320) 江紹倫譯

Maiden flower gatherers are now few
Suddenly I’ve lost interest in seeking Nature’s wonderful view
Away from home spring offers but grass ordinary
Writing love poems occupies my time more fondly

Last year’s swallow flew free and far
Whose roof they dwell this year
Do not listen to night rains in late spring
They no longer urge flowers to thrive and sing

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